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Wide Awake Films Video Stock Footage Collection

Wide Awake Films owns one of the world’s largest libraries of historically recreated film and High-Definition stock footage. At almost 1,000 hours, our collection is easily the most extensive Civil War-specific library on the globe.  Amassed from our specialized work with museum and documentary producers, as well as national-level Civil War re-enactments, our library covers almost every military theatre of the American Civil War.

Wide Awake Films’ historical stock footage has been licensed for use on The National Geographic Channel, PBS, A&E, Discovery Channel, The History Channel, BBC, TLC, and the Travel Channel.

Whether you’re producing a television show, designing an interactive project for a museum or would like to incorporate realistic historical footage within your corporate presentation, we have the shots to fit your project and your budget.

Wide Awake Films Video Stock Footage


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