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Boilermakers – Craftsman Films

Wide Awake Films collaborated with the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers to produce The Craftsman Legacy, a documentary film about the Brotherhood’s history, their culture and their ever-evolving craft. In just five short months, from January to July, we wrote, filmed, edited and delivered this 147-minute High-Definition film, in 5.1 Surround Sound, which debuted at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. This project took our crew to 23 job sites across the continent, filming on-location in the US and Canada, gathering interviews with Boilermakers and footage of their intense, precarious and massively scaled work. Here’s the film’s trailer:




The film consists of four parts:
Steam: Boilermakers and the Iron Horse, which chronicles the history of the harnessing of steam, from the earliest steam boilers and steam locomotives in the 19th century to society’s reliance on steam today
Craft: The Boilermaker Legacy, which focuses on the evolution of the Boilermakers’ craft and their specialized work in unusual applications, like creating pressure vessels used to test jet engines at Arnold Air Force Base in Tennessee, and extracting oil-rich bitumen from Canada’s remote Athabasca Oil Sands
Power: From Coal to Atoms, which describes how the Boilermakers have become the leaders in the power industry, both in maintaining current technologies and in being frontrunners in developing future power generation alternatives (such as clean coal, wind power, and solar power)
Ships: Boilermakers and the Iron Ship, which showcases the Boilermakers’ role in shipbuilding and military defense, from its origins, to its peak in World War II, to modern shipbuilding enterprises.
Here’s the series’ title open:



In addition, we were tasked with developing a unique and bold graphic look to package all of the film content.  Here is a sampling of styleframes and still frames highlighting the various designs:





The project called for quite a few staged historical recreations, ranging from an 1840s era tavern scene to a 1930s Rivet Crew, as well as WWII-era “Rosie the Riveter” scenes. We handled casting, coordination, and filming of all content.