Civil War Trust – Civil War IN4

For the past ten years, we have stressed to our clients that as the Internet grows bigger and faster, it’s critical to have a large arsenal of video content. Perhaps no one understands that more that our longtime client, Civil War Trust. As America’s largest non-profit organization (501-C3), the Civil War Trust is devoted to the preservation of our nation’s endangered Civil War battlefields. Their website offers a ton of free educational content about America’s tragic war. We’ve had the honor of producing many of their Animated Battle Maps and we’re excited to present our newest joint CWT/WAF venture: Civil War IN 4. This educational series features short videos (each one is four minutes in length) on a variety of interesting Civil War topics — from camp life to medicines of the time. To keep costs down, CWT staff films the on-site narration and then provides us with a script detailing visuals to add. From there, we combine their work with battle clips from our 1,200-hour Civil War stock footage library, perform the final polish and prep the videos for web distribution. So far, we’ve made over 70 episodes! You can check out more IN4’s here.


In addition to editing each of the videos, our WAF team collaborated with CWT to create the series’ branding and graphic design. After an intensive three-week ideation process, we came up with the 3D Civil War pocket watch, an element that appears at the end of each video and helps to thread it all together. LINE-Seperator_v02

CWT_in4_branding-Wet Plate_01


CWT_in4_INTRO_pocket watch_05_b-flags