Battle At Shiloh – The Devil’s Own Two Days

Our film, Battle at Shiloh: The Devil’s Own Two Days, is a narrative documentary. Six characters — based on real-life accounts — each filmed documentary-style, weave a narrative thread of their own personal experiences during the Battle of Shiloh’s vicious two-day brawl, while our omniscient narrator interjects with hard facts, background details, and 3D animated maps of one of the bloodiest fights of the American Civil War.



We wrote this script in an unusual way: as a team. Each staff member selected a character to research and bring to life. We each lived with these characters, investigating their troubles and viewing the battle through their eyes. We depict this battle not just through the personal experiences of soldiers and generals, but through nurses, newspaper reporters, and family members of the fallen.






ShilohIllustrations_A ShilohIllustrations_B ShilohIllustrations_C