We’ve Got Google’s Coffee to the Home!

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WAF_Google Fiber-coffee_01

Since early March, we’ve been working with Google Fiber’s Product Marketing team to create a video announcement debuting their newest revolutionary product: Coffee to the Home. Based on extensive consumer research, Google’s new service utilizes existing hardware to deliver piping hot coffee, direct from Google HQ in Mountain View, California, straight to your mug.

Google is piloting this service right here in Kansas City, so click here to sign up!


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Our newest installment in the Civil War Trust’s interactive animated map series, The Battle of Gettysburg, launched this week, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the epic battle. Overwhelmingly, our clients, friends and fans are telling us they all favor the same ten-second shot: our depiction of the death of Union General John F. Reynolds. Here’s how we did it:

View the entire Gettysburg Animated Map presentation here!