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Why You Should Consider A Corporate Documentary

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Why You Should Consider A Corporate Documentary

A corporate documentary? The idea can almost sound ludicrous. After all, who wants to see some shameless act of self-promotion?

Actually, a lot more people than you might think. A corporate video doesn’t necessarily have to screen for large audiences and if positioned correctly, it can be one of your business’ most effective marketing tools.

A corporate video can benefit a company in a lot of ways. It can help foster corporate culture by showcasing a thrilling piece of content that engages and delights the viewer, creating brand awareness and (hopefully) creating new customers. Believe it or not, a corporate documentary can deliver a powerful message about you and your business.

Here is how.


How to Budget for Documentary Production

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The True Cost Of A Documentary

How much does a documentary cost to make? It depends a whole lot on the documentary in question. The true cost of a documentary depends on many different factors so it’s hard to know how much YOUR documentary will cost until you’ve nailed down some of them.

Some documentaries are made for a pittance. Others cost millions to shoot, edit and distribute.

That said, let’s look at the factors that go into the true cost of a documentary.


Benefits of Using Drones to Capture Video

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Kettering Bug, first UAV used by U.S. military in WWI Image courtesy Smithsonian Magazine

Ninety-nine. That’s how many years it’s been since the first unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), known as the Kettering Bug, was used back in 1918. Most commonly known as drones, UAVs were first used in combat by the U.S. military to shoot missiles. Since then, many industries have adapted drones into their day-to-day processes. Fast forward nearly a century and the film industry is now using drones to capture stunning video. What is it about drones that allows us to capture such incredible video?


Virtual Reality Video Production: Civil War Trust Picket Post

The concept of virtual reality has been around for some time, but the recent boom in the smartphone and gaming markets has catapulted VR out the recesses of niche technology and into the platform of storytelling.

We were contacted by our friends at Civil War Trust in early 2015 about researching virtual reality for use on their website. To say we were excited is an understatement. Though unseasoned in the world of VR, we were confident that our knowledge of Civil War history and film production would be enough to help us navigate this unfamiliar territory. Learn about our VR process and how we completed this project for the Civil War Trust below.


America’s First: 2016 Election Video

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George Washington Election Video Production

Back in November, we put together this short video for George Washington’s Mount Vernon, promoting tourism to the historic estate, and providing a healthy contrast to the upcoming election.  Having just finished shooting for A More Perfect Union, we were eager to profile the uncommon story of George Washington’s election.  Our video made quite a splash on Mount Vernon’s FB page, reaching well over one hundred thousand views in just a few days.



Storytelling Through Animation

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CMA: FARM Story from Wide Awake Films on Vimeo.

Growing up, many of us cut our teeth on a steady stream of animation. From a very young age, animation caught our attention with after-school and Saturday morning cartoons and full-length movies from Disney. As we become adults, animation continues to find a place in our hearts through comic book adaptations, Japanese anime and Pixar movies.
With roots going back to the late 1800s, animation remains a favored media. Armed with its stills, storyboards and catchy music, animation has the ability to not only tell a story but also to soften the viewer with a hint of childhood nostalgia. Recently, Wide Awake Films had the opportunity to work with CMA and the National Dairy Farm Program to create a short animated film called The FARM Story.


The Souvenir of Historical Travel

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What does travel mean to you? For some, the mere mention of traveling invokes feelings of excitement and anticipation for the opportunity to visit somewhere new. For the less-adventurous, travel might mean staying in the comfort of home watching a travelogue or documentary about a place they’ve always longed to go or reading a book set in an unfamiliar area.

Mount Vernon 01_WEB


Lincoln’s Last Days

In this War Department episode, Civil War Trust Director of History and Education Garry Adelman travels the country to find artifacts and stories related to Abraham Lincoln’s last days.

History as many of us think of it is a culmination of stories and facts collected between the pages of a dusty book. But for living historians and historical reenactors the story never has a chance to grow old. With each reenactment, the stories are given new life and as a result, their impact spreads each time they’re introduced to modern audiences. In that juxtaposition of the old and new, the Wide Awake Filmmakers and a group of historical reenactors recently gathered at the historic Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm in Olathe, Kansas, to recreate scenes from the final days of Abraham Lincoln.


Filming Re-enactments: Get Your History Right

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From George Washington’s Mount Vernon to the battlefields of the Civil War, Vietnam and World War II, Wide Awake Films is constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance our creative work with historical accuracy, and believe us, that kind of initiative can take us in some pretty interesting directions!


Amon Carter Museum: First Stop on the Bingham Exhibit Tour

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From the beginning of time, water has attracted humans for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s obtained for transportation, industry, eating and drinking, or as a keystone of community development, water in its many forms continues to inspire. The 19th century Missouri artist George Caleb Bingham dedicated a number of his works to the depiction of the life and lore of the rivers and byways of Missouri, following in the tradition of artistic illustrations of water recorded over hundreds of years.