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About Wide Awake Films

We are a team of producers, writers, cinematographers, animators, and editors.

We search for the heart of the story and work tirelessly until it’s told.
As a full-service video production studio, we’re able to handle all of your needs in-house
including concepting, script writing, cinematography, editing, video animation and even virtual reality.


“The entire crew is so talented, thorough, creative, easy to work with, and fun!”


Lisa Ketteler
Ash Grove Cement

“We need to tell our stories to a new generation.  This audience expects a degree of execution that far exceeds earlier efforts.  With Wide Awake Films we are doing just that.”

Rob Shenk
George Washington’s Mount Vernon

“I cannot recommend the crew at Wide Awake enough. They guided us through the process of developing a true vision for our video series, and their creativity turned our half-formed idea into a clear vision that delivered a great final product. They are just an absolute pleasure to work with all the way around, and some of the most talented creatives I’ve met.”

Scott Randolph
California Casualty Management Co.


We’ve created video footage for many wonderful organizations, such as:

wide awake film production studio

The people behind the scenes here at Wide Awake Films:

Shane Seley Founder Producer Director

Shane Seley
Founder / Producer / Director
Ed Leydecker Owner Producer Client Relations

Ed Leydecker
Owner / Producer / Client Relations
Wide Awake Studio Manager

Kerry Ramirez
Studio Manager / Client Relations / Sales
Wide Awake Films Employees

Barb Racine
Human Resources / Accounting
Editor at Wide Awake Films

Jeff Van Bockern
Lead Editor / Cinematographer
Wide Awake Films Editor

Michael Palm
Lead Cinematographer / Editor
Julia Barnett Producer Production Coordinator

Julia Barnett
Producer / Production Coordinator
Wide Awake Films Designer

Keith Johnson
Creative Director / Designer / Animator


Writer at Wide Awake Films

Brian Rose
Writer / Editor / Archivist
Wide Awake Films Art Director

Jim Button
Art Director / Designer / Animator
WAF Animator

Will Weinstein
Designer / Animator

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