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We Make History

It’s in our roots.  We’ve honed our craft on it.  And it’s even earned us six Emmys along the way.  Re-creating history takes careful research, resourcefulness and the ability to find a fresh, new angle.  These skills come in handy for the other things we make: colorful animated characters, broadcast commercials, web branding films, stylized graphic presentations, documentaries and pretty much anything else we set our minds to. Whether we’re crafting an elaborate historical re-creation or rigging a precisely designed animation, each project results from true collaboration and inspiration, with our clients’ goals, budgets and deadlines in mind.



“From the very beginning, they made us feel like we were their most important client. They assumed ownership of our project and reacted to our ideas with a ‘can-do’ attitude while remaining conscious of budget and schedule.”

Andrew Talkov, Virginia Historical Society


Speaking of collaboration, we have the best clients ever. We can’t get enough of their people, their products and their ideas. And the best part: they teach us so much about their industries and their unique challenges. We’re honored to help tell their stories.



“What we need to do is faithfully tell our stories afresh to a new generation who expects a degree of realism and media execution that far exceeds previous generations… with Wide Awake Films we are attempting to do just that.”

Rob Shenk, George Washington’s Mount Vernon



Our Powerhouse Team


Our motors are always running  — on hip design, cool lighting techniques, the latest trick we learned in the edit suite and maybe a little caffeine. You might call us a well-oiled machine. We genuinely enjoy conspiring as a team, putting our brains together and distilling our collective creative energy into work that excites each of us. We honestly love what we do.


Tools of the Trade

Our ARRI AMIRA features incredible dynamic range, CFAST 2.0 workflows and the ability to shoot 200 frames per second.  Allowing total creativity at the highest quality, the ARRI AMIRA enables our crew to capture everything from reportage to film and television drama.




Oh, by the way,

We’ve released many documentary films over the years.  If you’re interested in checking them out, be sure to visit us on AMAZON.

Also, we regularly license our extensive film library for STOCK FOOTAGE use.  If you’re a producer in need of unique HD content, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@wideawakefilms.com or call (816) 872-3456.